Special Gifts for weddings

Give our bright cups personalizing to your wedding guests, one of the unforgettable original gifts

Make the most of your life special toast with light to raise that moment unforgettable and surprise your guests with something original glasses, will be one of the most original gifts for unforgettable weddings.

Choose the colors of the cups as you think ... all the same? all different? You one color and them other? ... You decide !!!


Weddings with original gifts

Imagine waiters with trays come with luminous glasses in action giving a spectacular light and begin to distribute to the guests ... How nice! One of the best original gifts for weddings

Imagine the waiters start serving champagne or cava dark unison and begin to glow glasses until then seemed normal ... amazing!

Imagine what you can do with them and then tell us your experience!


Join the glow experience

Since many who have lived a luminous experience, be sure to be one of them in the most special day of your life.

Besides the special surprise, gives this drink with which they have provided in your marriage, with your names and special day like detail, and have your guests will remember this moment when kept in the cabinet for your home.