Glow tumblers

Use of the glow tumblers

When filling the glass with your drink, will light to brighten your night. When the glass is empty, the light goes off. It can be used repeatedly until the battery runs out. Continuous operation duration is about 8 hours


To maximize the effect, use the glasses in a faint / dark atmosphere. You can place the glasses on trays and fill them when guests have just arrived. They can be used for all types of parties and events.

The tumblers can be personalized in many ways (adhesives, screen printing or engraving).

Glasses recommendations

This product uses lithium batteries, which are an integral part of the product and cannot be removed or replaced. It is compatible with the regulations for products containing batteries or accumulators.

When the batteries are exhausted, the product must be disposed of safely. Do not open or break the product for removing the batteries or electronic components. Do not expose the product to hight...


LED glow tumblers

Glow tumblers with LED light
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