LED products

In addition to the light glasses, we have others bright decor and beverage products with simple operation that is based on LED technology. This lighting system, along with the patented drive provide a great autonomy and security necessary to ensure success for our clients.

LED glow flute

Glow flote with LED light
3,30 €

LED glow tumblers

Glow tumblers with LED light
3,30 €
Out of stock

Glow shot glasses

Illuminated glow shots
2,80 €

Glow floating candles

Floating candles with LED lighting
2,35 €

Glow torches

Lighting torches with LED light
2,85 €
Product available with different options

LED ice bucket

Ice bucket with LED light
29,95 €
Out of stock

Glow drink stirrers

Led light drink stirrers
1,95 €

Glow cubes

Lighting cubes for drinks
2,50 €
Out of stock

Glow sticks

Lighting sticks with LED light
3,30 €