Glow torches

Using bright torches

First, remove the security tape before lighting the torch or light stick. Tap the bottom end (transparent side) to turn on instantly. Hitting on the opposite side (white side) to turn off. Instructions in the same product.

They can be used for night signaling, concerts, snow tubing, personal identification, marking roads at night, etc.


Torches can be included as a promotional item, along with a brochure, gift or any other product. On this principle, we can design products tailored to meet their special needs and suit your marketing needs.

Advantages of torches

The bright torches have an effect of light completely safe thanks to its LED lighting system, which provides a strong light without emitting heat. By weight and material are safe products. The on-off system makes the use is magical and amazing.

Glow torches

Lighting torches with LED light
2,85 €
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