Glow flutes

Ideal for events, celebrations, inaugurations, corporate and individuals parties, public and private acts, weddings, presentations, exhibitions and fairs, New Year, Christmas, etc.

The glow flutes are perfect for celebrating your most original events.

Unlike other products, our glow glasses light when you fill and them off when you empty, allowing multiple uses. Without chemicals products or efforts. Certified food available.

The original glow cup

Our glow flute, since 2001, the first glass with LED light. Following a rigorous manufacturing and quality process and compliance with food regulations (FDA certificate), offers a warranty  and product service amply demonstrated. is the only authorized distributor in Spain (see representatives on the contact page).

Celebrate your parties with a very original gift

Finished with a high quality detail and super stylish. Our bright glasses are made of polystyrene crystal and its quality is similar to the crystal glasses. Check it out in our videos!

Light up your party

The light cava glass will always make you look good with its elegant design and the security of its LED lighting system.

Original Festivals and events

Exciting  and fun products for any party that are kept in the memory thanks to a point of originality, also for companies and businesses.